Whether you need to advertise your local Pinnacle of Prophecy viewing party or you’d simply like free supplemental study materials, we’ve got you covered!

Spread the Word!
To help you get the word out in your area about this amazing event, we’ve created these easy-to-use resources that can be easily downloaded, printed, and put into action throughout your community!

Bible Lessons
Revelation 14: The Pinnacle of Prophecy lesson guides will be available for purchase near the start of the series. We realize that for many churches, this will make it nearly impossible to receive these lessons in time to use for a hosted program, so we are making them available as a free download (black-and-white version) below.

Marketing Resources for Your Local Event
The artwork for our posters, bulletins, and more is provided for those hosting an event at a church, home, or business. Download the artwork on this page and print at your local printer.

B&W Lessons

Decision Cards

Use these attractive, professionally designed handbills/fliers to spread the word in your community. They can be used as part of a mailer, delivered door to door, or passed out by hand. The possibilities are endless!

Use this attractive, professionally designed postcard to spread the word in your community by mail. Note: if you prefer to change the information to your own church address and info, please use the one listed below under Editable Resources.

Post these eye-catching posters on bulletin boards or in other public areas (with approval).

eCard Personal Invitations
Send a personalized eCard note to your friends and family inviting them to attend this life-changing series.

Editable Resources
Use these to add your church or group name, meeting address and viewing time.

Web Banners
Post these ready-to-use web ads on your website to drive traffic back to

Additional Advertising Resources Available Upon Request
• 60-Second TV Spots • 60-Second Radio Spots
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